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the road

playing chicken in the same car

External Services:
Mostly on AO3 these days. Nominally on Tumblr. The madbadandplaid handle is me and will not update further on LJ or AO3.

A note on tagging:

I believe that tags exist to 1) catalogue works for convenient browsing; 2) provide warnings for major categories of content likely to disturb and/or trigger, such as violence and non-consensual sex; and 3) provide the clues to genre and tone that things like a cover/shelving/blurbs would on a physical book. I believe that tagging beyond that is not a matter of courtesy, but of preference, which may vary not only from author to author (and from fic to fic) but from reader to reader. I believe that no author owes it to anyone to give away an ending. These are things I believe pretty firmly and that I'm unlikely to change my mind about.

It is perfectly fine to prefer tags that provide comprehensive information about the contents and character of a story—to want to know exactly what you're getting. But you won't find them here. If you are a reader who wants to know how everything pans out before starting a story, I recommend the time-honored techniques of flipping to the end and asking other people.